Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bohemian Tease

Hello Loves :)

This idea of some wild crazy bohemian ponytail came to me in the midst of watching my monday night shows. I've seen a lot of these sorts of styles so I figured if its meant to look crazy and messy, I CAN DO THAT! Bam. There you go.

Some other stunning Bohemian beauties....



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You're a Goddess

I have always loved the way goddesses look. The golds and rich darks have always appealed to me! This was such a fun look to do and even with all the colors that go into it, Its still not to crazy to actually wear out. 

My inspiration came to me while I was with the family watching the movie "The Immortals." How did the find so many flawlessly beautiful people to squeeze into one movie? Kellan Lutz, Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto? Overwhelmed! 

This picture got me wondering...how has Jessica Alba gotten by without being cast in some sort of titan-esque movie by now? She would be so perfect!!


Too Faced eyeshadow in Pink Teddy
Too Faced eyeshadow in Honey Pot
Covergirl eyeshadow in Hazelnut
H.I.P. Eyeshadow in Forgiving
Yellow-Gold, & Black Colors from Coastal Scents Shimmer 88 Palette
E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Boots No.7 Extravagent Lashes Mascara in Black
Too Faced Natural Eye Color Sexpresso
E.L.F. Bronzer in Warm Tan
NARS Orgasm Blush
Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle



Saturday, March 3, 2012

TRAVEL STYLE: Back to Cali

Hello, Beautiful.

One'n'Only Argan Oil
Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisture Leave in Spray
Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binder
Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Silk Teddy from Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
Honey Pot From Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
(I can't remember the brown that I used...I'm sorry!)
Covergirl Exact Eyelights Navy Blue Eyeliner 
Boots No.7 Extravagent Lashes in Black
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed
Ulta Cheek Color in Heartbreaker
ELF Shimmering Facial Whip
NYX round lipstick in Circe
L'OREAL LeGloss in Peach Fuzz

White Blouse: Forever21
Tan Braided belt: Forever21
Jeans: Joe's "The best friend" cropped jeans
Necklace: Urban & Ivy check it out here

With all of this warm weather, fresh air, and sunshine making its way into the spring, I couldn't HELP but daydream about that California sunshine that I love so much! There's nothing like the west coast.

Some of my favorite things about California are:

The weather
San Clemente Beach
The residents
The active lifestyle
The AMAZING shopping
The stars in Hollywood
Los Angeles
The cute beach homes crammed onto little tiny streets
How everyone there is good looking somehow?
The feeling when you walk out of the front door and that cool, crisp, ocean air hits your lungs.
Ruby's Diner on the pier at Huntington Beach
The amount of amazing memories it has given me

I could go on and on....

Every time I'm in the sunshine state, I take in so many different styles from the locals. Everyone is so effortless and gorgeous! So, with that said since I cant be there right now, I thought I would make myself LOOK like I'm there, and thought you might want to join me!

This look is easy. Air dried hair, basic makeup, and comfy clothes good for walking around town and enjoying beautiful weather!

After this tutorial and post.....I think I may have to take some vacation time in the next few months!



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebspiration: KATE BOSWORTH

Ever Since I was a thirteen year old girl with my face pressed to the tv while watching BLUE CRUSH,
I knew Kate Bosworth would be around for a long time. I just love her effortless  beauty.

 I also knew I was going to become a professional surfer too. (Didn't happen.) She has the most beautiful bone structure of anyone I have ever seen. Those cheekbones! So while no one can beat her at her own game, it cant hurt to try! Here is my Kate Bosworth inspired tutorial. The lip color was near impossible for me to get because my lips are naturally very dark and red. But I did the best I could with the colors I have! And despirte the slight difference, I REALLY loved the color that I did get. Enjoy!

(This is the photo I used as inspiration)

P.S. Has anyone else ever noticed that she has a speck of brown in her right eye? Love it!

(More of Kate to get you through the day)


Boots sensitive skin moisturizer
Maybeline mousse airbrush finish foundation
Elf highlighter & concealer
Covergirl clean pressed powder for sensitive skin
Covergirl blush in brick rose
Covergirl exact eye lights for blue eyes
Elf ultimate eyeshadow palette
Elf liquid eyeliner in black
Boots no.7 extravagant lashes in black
NYX round lipstick in Circe
NYX lipstick in harmonica
Loreal leGloss in baby blossom

(I will adjust these product names to links later today when I have a bit of free time so you can view the prices and locations)

Monday, February 20, 2012

POSH. The Smokey eye, not the Spice Girl!

Hello Hello!

You've seen it, that girl who walks into the room in a little black dress with sleek hair and dark, sultry eyes. Everyone is staring her way and she takes over the room, smiling with her defined cheekbones and perfect, pouty nude lips....

 Before you get lost in that daydream, take a look in the mirror! Because that girl is going to be YOU!

Here is a tutorial that I was very excited to make. Its POSH SMOKEY EYES with a nude cheek and lip! So timeless, so fun, so striking! 

Where do you wear your smokey eyes the most? Out to dinner, a movie date, at a club, at the supermarket?


PRODUCTS USED: (Click to view them)


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello Loves!

I went on a spur of the moment movie date with my sister and was so happily SURPRISED with how much I adored This Means War!

The first thing I loved about it was Reese. She is BY FAR my favorite actress of all time. Classy, sweet, and super funny. And Chelsea Handler definitely added to the comedic feel. As for the two guys....I'm not sure I noticed their acting as much as their pouty lips and adorable characteristics! I had never heard of Tom Hardy, and  I was never a fan of Chris Pine but I am now fans of both! They're both ridiculously studly. The movie isn't mushy, it is hilarious and filled with action and just the right amount of romance! Good date night material.

BUT this post isn't meant to be a movie review, no! I want to talk about Reese's adorable outfits! So many little black, blue, and red dresses that were more than swoon-worthy! 

And look at those perfect little legs! 
My favorite dress was the blue one on the bottom with the red heels for sure. There was another dress I loved that was a mauve-ish/tan 3/4 length dress with black trim that she wore but I cant find it anywhere! Anyway, I just needed to share my little obsession over the classiness of Reese Witherspoon. She could pull anything off!




Good Morning, Sunshine!

 Here it is, the easiest way to curl your hair for a fun, spunky, wavy style! 

A few months ago my sweet hairstylist cut three inches off of my hair and gave me bangs! It was all very exciting but I wasn't sure what styles of hair I could pull off with these new bangs! So she whipped out her curling iron that was shockingly cheap and you can get it HERE. Just $9.99! 

 My hair holds these curls really well and I think they will work great for everybody! 


I wash my hair in cold water. Not hot! The heat from the water is bad for your hair's moisture level, just like any other heat treatment.

 I start with a bit of Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisture Leave-In spray to detangle and soften. Then I comb it out. Get that here.

 The next product I apply to my hair is Moroccan Oil. It Smells like heaven, it protects your hair, and gives an unbelievable smoothness and shine. It's a little pricey but well worth it, and you can most likely get it from your salon, or you can buy it from third parties online from eBay, Amazon, etc. You can also find a generic brand from Sally's Beauty Supply that smells and works the same! I use the generic hairspray that goes with this.

 If time permits, let your hair air dry for a bit so it is not dripping wet anymore. This will lessen the time it takes to dry your hair and most often, it makes your hair a little softer. I know it does mine!

Once it's dry time, grab that round brush! Focus on the crown area and a LITTLE bit of the sides. However, don't get extreme with the round brushing. You don't want to look like a Bratz Doll!

After blow drying a bit, my hair is just damp. Thats when I rub a dime-sized amount of the Nexxus ProMend Split End  Binding Targeted Leave-In Treatment Creme. (What a tongue twister!) Only apply it to the areas with the most damage and keep away from roots.

Now your hair is shiny, luscious, and pampered. (And smells like a tropical vacation).

Happy Curling!